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Breaking Down Hazardous Waste Disposal

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Based in Yorkshire, Oates Environmental Limited provides hazardous waste disposal services to businesses all over the county and surrounding areas. Hazardous waste disposal is a difficult task and should only be carried out by qualified persons. Our modern approach to waste disposal means we can handle just about anything you may throw at us. We deal with a variety of tasks in our work, including industrial tank cleaning, water disposal, composting, site decontamination, and contaminated land. We hold all our clients’ needs in high regard, be them small businesses or large corporations.

At Oates Environmental, our goal is to provide the best possible service for our clients and to do our part for the local environment. Visit our website at to learn more about what we can offer you. Today, we break down hazardous waste disposal and all it entails.

What Qualifies as Hazardous Waste?

It’s essential to categorise waste early on before you attempt to tackle disposal. But what qualifies as waste, however, and what makes it hazardous? We usually classify waste as hazardous when (or its comprised material sand substances) it is harmful to either human beings or the environment. Hazardous waste comes in all types, but notable examples include the following materials. Asbestos, chemicals like brake fluid and printer toner, battery acid, solvents, pesticides, car oil, ozone depleting chemicals, hazardous waste containers. Equipment ranging from fridges to car batteries can all contain environmentally hazardous substances and chemicals toxic to humans. If they are not disposed of properly, it can have detrimental effects on environmental and human health. However, this does not always mean the waste in question is an immediate risk to either environmental or human health.


Changing Legislation

Legislation on environmentally hazardous waste disposal frequently changes every few years. As such, this is why you need to keep up to date with all the latest amendments. An example of such a change occurred on 16th July 2004. Rules changed relatively quickly, prohibiting the co-disposal of hazardous with non-hazardous waste at the same landfill sites. Similarly, the following year, the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) first came into force, overseeing waste producers to ensure they meet WAC standards.

Sources of Information

The Environment Agency,European Waste Catalogue, and National Household Hazardous Waste Forum are all excellent resources to bear in mind when it comes to dealing with hazardous waste. Due to increasing environmental concerns and changing legislations, we are classifying more new materials as hazardous waste than ever before. As such, it’s important for companies, especially global corporations, to be aware of the ramifications of inadequate disposal of hazardous waste. Many of these companies continue to struggle with hazardous consignments, many of whom have not had to deal with hazardous waste before.

What We Can Offer Your Business

We recommend brushing up on all relevant guidelines before embarking on hazardous waste disposal. But the fact is, however, that most companies simply aren’t equipped to deal with hazardous waste. As such, why not get someone else to do it? At Oates Environmental, we pride ourselves on being a modern and innovative company at the forefront of waste disposal. You won’t find a more qualified waste disposal company in the North of England, if not the entire country. With our competitive pricing and industry experience, we can help dispose of a wide variety of wastes on your behalf.